Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

It never fails to surprise me the unusual places the ability to draw funny faces can take me. I spent the second week in January in Las Vegas drawing caricature for Sharp on their smart boards. It was all part of CES 2012, the annual Consumer Electronics Show. 150 geeks from all over the world were in town checking out new gadgets, gizmos, and anything with a screen. The drawing program I was demonstrating is more of a presentation tool rather than a tool anyone would be making serious art with, but it was fun for the people to see their faces drawn on the "VIEWMONGOUS" 80" screen (I'm assuming VIEWMONGOUS is an officially trademarked phrase of the Sharp corporation). Las Vegas was (get ready for the news flash) glitzy and artificial, but there certainly are less entertaining places to spend a week.

You can get a glimpse of me drawing here: