Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sketchbook doodles

After years of preaching to my kids and my students the importance of carrying around a sketchbook with you, I finally took my own medicine. Whether to draw from life when you're waiting at the airport, or just doodling creatures from your imagination I think it's an essential accessory.

I've posted a few of the latter here. No real explanation needed for the alien bug thing and the chubby crocodile guy. Regarding the giants, I just started thinking about how a humanoid creature would look if it was 20 feet tall or so. I figure the brain wouldn't be that much bigger than ours, but the jaw would have to be huge and powerful, which explains the proportion of the head. Obviously the feet would need to be thick and massive to support its weight. At first I assumed all the appendages would need to be thick and massive, but in the 3rd sketch I came up with the idea of long, relatively delicate fingers, because how else would it be able to accomplish anything requiring manual dexterity? The image puts me in mind of the largest sauropods that have tails that end it long delicate whips. I also tried to make all the skin sag, and the larger fleshy masses sag, like an elephant.