Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Blast from the Past

I've been trying to post an illustration every week on the "Illustration Friday"blog.
This week's theme was "HYBRID".
I have an illustration that features a whole bar full of hybrids. This is an illustration I did at least 20 years ago for a puzzle company. All they told me was that they wanted a science fiction bar scene, kind of like Star Wars, but, with all original characters. That's my favorite kind of assignment. I should mention that probably as long as science fiction has existed as a genre there have been scenes like this, assemblages of other worldly creatures hobnobbing and sharing libations.

The puzzle as to have a thousand pieces. I tried to fill it with details, so every piece would have something interesting on it. A few years back I received an e-mail from someone who bought the puzzle when it was published, and tracked me down. They wanted to buy a new one, but unfortunately I couldn't help them out.