Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa's Stationery

Since I'm starting this blog in December, it seems logical to post my Holiday pieces. Since I have never been hired to do any Kwanzaa or Hanukah illustrations (although I did illustrate the cover of 101 Jewish Read Aloud Stories) that means Christmas.

Two or three years ago I did an illustration for a company that wanted to let parents order an official letter from Santa, complete on North Pole Stationery. I was hired to create an illustration for the stationery. As I was writing this post, I thought I would try to find the website, but i forgot the company's name. So I googled "letter from Santa" and I found lists and lists of websites that had the same idea (most of them without investing in original artwork). Who knew there were so many North Poles out there?

The company that hired me was Click2Mail, and the product was Remind Santa.
Here is the website:

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  1. Thanks again for helping us out John, parents and children around the world are still enjoying your creative and engaging artwork on our Remind Santa letters every Christmas season. - Lee Garvey, CEO @ Click2Mail