Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013 Holiday Card

Here's my 2013 Holiday Card
 This image of the caroling snowmen was originally painted as an assignment for Wowindows (www.wowindows.com) a company that makes holiday posters for windows that glow at night as they are backlit from the lights inside the house. The posters are most effective if there are large opaque areas of black, to contrast with the translucent color areas. The image also needs to be vertical, to fit a variety of windows.

For my card I de-verticalized the image to give the snowmen a nice roundedness. I added a blue nighttime sky with snowflakes, but I toyed with the idea of keeping the black background with snowflakes. My daughter was the only other person in the house when I was playing around with the backgrounds. She nixed the black sky, so I went with the blue. But I'm not sure, I kind of think the black is cool and graphic.

This is the original version as a holiday window poster

This is the alternate card. 

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