Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Holiday Card and Gurnimoji Stickers

Santa and his buddies.
I was playing around with making small, expressive faces to use as stickers, or emojis. My goal was to depict particular expressions with a bit more detail than we generally see. I also wanted to depict a variety of ethnicities, but to use the color creatively, so the color would be more about the lighting, rather than the skin tone. The project brought to mind an idea I had a few years back that I never developed. My idea was to create a series of "Santas", as he would appear in other cultures. I started to play with that idea, but I then I had second thoughts about imposing an icon of Christianity onto cultures that might not be. So, I altered my approach, and decided to depict Santa with a collection of other jolly old souls, from different cultures. With festive facial hair, and colorful accessories.

I am curious how small I can make
these and still have them "readable".

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